vineri, 26 decembrie 2008

The Song of Songs

The life and events described in the Bible raised lots of questions, and despite the fact that an agreement could not be reached regarding some of the ideas (for example, in the New Testament, the reasons of the Great Schism: Filioque or Arthos, not talking about the Purgatory), the discussion around the Bible led to complex treaties concerning all its ideas. Theologians understood that all the books are written under divine inspiration and they tried to read between the lines and to un-code, most of all, the books of the Old Testament. The Song of Songs is a book which in its whole is a symbol, although even nowadays there are lots of Jew rigorist theologians who do not accept it among the other books, and that simply because at first sight The Song of Songs seems to be a passionate love relation. Let us not mix up the things: it might seem, when read for the first time, a love story – it is indeed a love story – but let us not make confusion between The Song of Songs and I don not know what nowadays bestseller (I do not want to give names because it is not the time or the place). Yes, to a certain point, The Song of Songs is a love story, but it is the love story between God and the chosen people, and nothing more. Those who think of something else are wrong. (May 2008)

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